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  Fund Raiser - Championship Tickets

  Ticket packets have arrived and will be handed out to your coaches or at uniform sizing.  

  Tickets are $10 each and each athlete will receive 1 sheet of tickets that have 20 tickets on them.  Tickets sold & money needs turned in prior to February fee due date.  Please put your tickets both sold & unsold and monies in the envelope provided with your name/team and turn into Lori.  To truly benefit from this fund raiser, you must sell 10 tickets.  Once you've sold your first 10, you will receive 50% of those sales and 50% for anything over 10.  So, if you sell your 10 tickets, you will receive $50.00.  You MUST sell a minimum of 10 tickets to receive any monies.  You are not required to participate in this fund raiser.  If you have any questions, contact Lori.


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