We at MVP have received inquiries from many of you regarding the upcoming 2021 volleyball club season. 

  • What would the club season schedule look like? 

  • What would tryouts and practices look like? 

  • Will the club be traveling to the large tournaments like we usually do before the pandemic? 

  • How safe will club volleyball be under these circumstances?

There are a lot of uncertainties associated with the pandemic, and club volleyball is no exception. We do not pretend to have all the answers and we cannot possibly anticipate all the possible situations that may arise in the coming day, weeks, and months, but we can promise you the following:

  • MVP is dedicated to the safety of all the players, families, and coaches associated with our club. We consider our club a family, a loud, opinionated, and raucous family, but a family, so we will always place the best interests of everyone in our family first.

  • MVP will follow the latest guidance from the CDC, the state of Ohio, USA Volleyball, the Ohio Valley region, and the city health ordinances regarding practices and competition. 

  • MVP will not willfully or knowingly place our players, families, and coaches in dangerous situations. 

  • MVP will closely follow the sanitary guidelines as prescribed.

  • MVP have no control over the sanitary or social distancing conditions from tournament to tournament. We are going to try to participate in the tournaments that we have always participated, but we are also actively monitoring the various tournaments’ safety requirements through the tournament directors and others in order to determine whether their policies can possibly jeopardize our MVP family members. 

Some of the larger tournaments have already changed their dates, their tournament format, and their safety procedures. Some large tournaments have even cancelled or postponed their tournaments because of safety. We suspect we will see more of that as we continue to ride through this pandemic.

We ask that the members of the MVP family be patient with the club and the volleyball community as we work together through these difficult times as we try to continue our goal of giving the best volleyball training to the junior volleyball players in the Miami Valley. It does not seem to be an easy road, but we are up to the task and we are also hopeful that everything will work out.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

MVP Administrators and Coaches